Bible Studies

Are we finally convinced that man cannot solve his own problems? Who is honest & trustworthy? Does the confusion and chaos all around us break your heart and make you yearn for days gone by?


If so, then please join us for The Truth Project. This educational & practical 12-week course will be held Wednesday nights 7-8:30 pm starting September 9th in Higginbotham Hall.


It is a Biblical Worldview Tour that will allow you to see God more clearly, strengthen your faith, understand the times and increase your witnessing power to family, friends and culture.

Jesus is the Way, The Truth and the Life. [John 14:6]


This class will be facilitated by Dr. Jerry Schoenborn who has 20 years of Worldview and Biblical Studies. He has presented numerous Christian programs and is eager to share this very relevant material that is necessary for the coming days. Remember - God is not a God of Confusion but of Peace!


All are welcome, but class size may be limited for Covid and participation.

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