Bible Studies

Truth Project Bible Study with Larry Sutton

The Truth Project Bible Study is a video-based group curriculum on the Biblical worldview. Some of the topics explored are Truth, Philosophy & Ethics, Anthropology, Theology, Science, History, Sociology, The State, Foundations of America and Community and Involvement. Each video lasts about one hour and there will be a time for discussion following each lesson.

The study will be presented in the Eaton Parlor each Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. beginning on September 26, for 13 weeks. If anyone is unable to attend every week, lessons missed can be provided on disc or flash drive for at-home viewing.

It will be helpful if those planning to attend will sign up by notifying Larry Sutton at

Women's Bible Study with Renee Magnuson & Liz Anderson

Classes begin Tuesday, October 25th from 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m. and Wednesday, October 26th from 10:00a.m. to 11:30a.m. The study will last through the last Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning of November. Things you need to know include:

  1. Women’s Bible study classes are open to all women, whether they attend Grace Church or not. If you’ve been a class member in one of our studies before, think of someone to invite this time. If you’ve never participated, please come; you’ll be warmly welcomed.

  2. For this Bible study, we will be using the study guide, Ruth – Rescued by the Redeemer, by Dale and Sandy Larsen. This is a straightforward study with little to no homework. Until you receive your study guide, read through the book of Ruth in the Old Testament.

  3. We’ll meet in Eaton Parlor at the front of the church. A ramp leads to the front doors. Once inside, please go into the room immediately on your left. (Grace Church is a busy place, so you might want to come early to find parking.)

  4. You will need your Bible.

  5. Study guides cost $8.00. If you cannot afford the book, please do not let that stop you from coming. Just tell Liz, Lois, or Renee privately. 40 study guide copies are available at this time. You may pay with cash, or write your check to “Grace United Methodist Church”, with “women’s Bible study” on the memo line. You may receive your study guide one of two ways:

    1. Pay Mary or Meghan in the church office. (Please respect that they have a lunch break mid-day.)

    2. Pay at your first class. If you choose to do this, please come a few minutes early.

  6. Please sign up for the study by Sunday, October 16th. To sign up, either email Liz Anderson at or call Lois Strycula at 814-728-8675. 

Whether contacting one of us by email or by phone, you’ll need to provide three bits of information: (1) your name, (2) your best contact telephone number, and (3) which class, Tuesday evening’s or Wednesday morning’s, you wish to attend. (It’s OK to switch back and forth, but please let Liz, Lois, or Renee know the class you’ll be attending most often, so we can plan for the right number of chairs.)

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please do not wait until a few days before classes start to decide that you’d like to attend. We can’t guarantee a study guide will be available for you. You are still always more than welcome to join a class, but if no more books remain, you will need to order your own.

Finally, the goal of each women’s Bible study at Grace Church is to bring each class member into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through reading, discussing, and applying God’s word. You are invited. We look forward to hearing from you.