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Bible Studies

Disciple Bible Study (Something New)

We have been running Disciple Bible Study sessions at Grace Church almost continually for the past eight or nine years (Covid messed up 2020…). Disciple Bible Study has always been a daunting commitment: 32-34 weeks of in-depth study of the Bible. But everyone who has taken Disciple Bible Study has agreed that the amount of work is not only worthwhile, it can be life changing.

There’s a new format for Disciple Bible Study that divides the studies into 12-week sessions (they call it “Fast Track”). Now, I know that 12 weeks can seem like a lot (it is three months, after all), but I promise you that if you give one of these studies a try, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you’ll read God’s word in a whole new way.

Pastor Bill will be leading Disciple 1 – the Old Testament on Thursday mornings (10:00-11:30) starting September 28th and ending the study December 28th, with two Thursdays “off” (October 26th for our annual Church Conference and November 23rd for Thanksgiving!)

We will meet in Eaton Parlor. A Study Manual is required for these studies, so please let the office know if you are interested in participating. The cost of the manual is $18, and you will want to have yours a week before the study begins so that you can prepare for the first session.


Disciple IV Class

Our next Disciple class will begin on Thursday, January 4th at 6:00pm in the Eaton Parlor. This will be the first half of Disciple IV and will be held weekly until the end of April. Anyone is welcome to attend and you will be amazed at the level of learning we achieve during these four months.

Disciple IV will focus on Revelation and all of the books of the Bible that help us comprehend the mystery of the end of times. We will discuss the importance of living in faithful community while setting our sights on God’s victory in the future. This course will be enlightening and interactive with all the beloved qualities of a small group study.


There are books available, but please contact Sue Toombs prior to class to set one aside for you. Sue will be your instructor and is happy to answer any questions.

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