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Wedding Application

Please submit this form with your deposit to secure and reserve your wedding date.


     Bride's Name __________________________________________________________________________________

    Groom's Name _________________________________________________________________________________


    Wedding Date _________________________________________________________________________________


Fee Schedule

Please check all that apply for your wedding:


    _____ Organist                      $100.00                     _____Sanctuary Use              $75.00


    _____Housekeeping               $75.00                     _____Pastoral Services       $150.00                     Total $_______________


    _____Wedding Hostess         $25.00                               For church members, pastoral services are included,

                                                                                                  but it is still customary to give the Pastor an honorarium.


Required Deposit

Plus any optional charges listed below:


                _____Non-Members              $425.00                     _____ Members        $200.00                   Total $________________


Optional Charges

Optional selections to be added to the above deposit:


      _____Soloist           $40.00


      _____Reception at Grace Church


             _____Room Set-up      $25.00         _____Bulletins (purchase/printing    $__________

                                                                                     ($10.00/100 Bulletins)

            _____Housekeeping   $50.00           _____FloorCandelabra$15.00ea.       $___________            Total $________________                   

                                                                                                   (7 Candles each)

                                                                                                                                              Total of all Services $________________



Total Deposit Owed $____________________________                                            Remaining Balance $__________________________


Name __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone________________________________________                                          Date_________________________________________

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